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June 3, 2013: VindEX Ultra featured in Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Magazine


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You live near the beach and every season it's time to replace another one of your hvac systems.  Your new HVAC unit starts out looking something like this, what's not to love? 


Wish you could add a few more years to it's life?  You can.  Ask your contractor to treat the coil and tubing with

VindEX Coastal during installation.



Untreated equipment . . . a few months later,

salt water and sun exposure cause rust and corrosion on that lovely new piece of equipment. 


What's even more disturbing is the damage you can't see, the corrosion on your unit's coil and tubing that impact it's ability to heat and cool your home. 



Equipment warranties don't prevent corrosion and protect your home's HVAC systems,

only VindEX Coastal does that.


VindEX Coastal is specifically formulated to seal and protect hvac equipment exposed to salt air in coastal environments.   Professional application eliminates corrosion of bi-metal and mono-metal coils and cabinets, prolonging the life

and the significant investment in your hvac equipment. 


                                           VindEX Coastal application . . .


· coats and protects new and existing equipment

· forms an ultra-thin protective film

· repels moisture, mold and bacteria

· repels chemicals, oils and dirt

· upgrades any hvac equipment to a coastal unit


Read "A Discussion of HVAC Coil Coatings" for the results of a recent coil corrosion study lead by the research and development team at Mainstream Engineering Corp.



Why is VindEX Coastal so effective?

VindEX Coastal's polymeric formula is derived from a product already in use by the U.S. military in battlefield conditions. 


The field application of the polymeric sealant has been proven to be highly effective when applied on amphibious military vehicles in preventing corrosion of exposed metal surfaces.  Engineered to bind to a variety of surfaces and to absorb a high percentage of contaminants (e.g., water and oils), but is completely hydrophobic in a cured state.


For professional application only, please review VindEX Coastal Application Instructions:


How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health


Indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by conditions we can't always see.  When outdoor equipment has been compromised by exposure to salt air and corrosion and sufficient moisture is available, hundreds of species of bacteria and fungi -- particularly mold -- pollute indoor air.


The most important effects of exposure to these pollutants are the increased prevalence of respiratory symptoms, allergies and asthma as well as disturbance of the immune system. Preventing (or minimizing) microbial growth on interior surfaces and building structures is the most important means of avoiding harmful effects on health.