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March 2015
The best I have found that works is a solution called (VindEX). It's a spray bottle, before you put it on you MUST clean your indoor evaporator coil extremely well. After you clean your coil , cycle your fan on only until the coil is dry. Then use the entire bottle of vindex on your coil. And most importantly, you have to completely cover every inch of your coil. All copper, fin areas , U-bends, metal, everything.!! Once the bottle is empty turn the fan back on to dry coil. ... I have had over 100 cases of dss and vindex has worked on all of them.


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  • Diane Saunders (Thursday, December 15 16 08:13 am EST)

    I Just want to say THANK YOU for creating a product that really works! I had the dirty sock syndrome and it was making my whole family sick and I did some research and found "VINDEX" and it wasn't expensive and the most important thing is IT WORKED!! You guys are #1 in my book for making this product. Thank You!!

  • W. Melton (Monday, November 17 14 10:26 am EST)

    Treated both systems and the smell\'s gone so I\'m pretty happy, we\'ll definitely get them cleaned next year with the vindexclean that we also bought, thanks for your advice and taking my calls.

  • T. Sharpe (Thursday, November 21 13 08:05 am EST)

    I ordered Coastal for my beach house this summer after having my A/C unit coil cleaned over & over but smell kept coming back. I was told I'd need to replace it! Ran both heating and a/c last few
    months and smell is gone, glad I didn't replace the unit. Thanks for the advice
    T. Sharpe

  • Brett C (Monday, June 24 13 05:48 pm EDT)

    Talked to your rep about a dirty-sock house that we couldn't fix by cleaning the coil again. Picked up VindexULTRA at D&L & covered coil-waited half hour before re-start and smell was GONE
    and hasn't come back,will keep it on the truck for dirty-sock